Welcome to NovaeMoneyTraining.com

Please direct all of your new Novae Money affiliates here to receive the proper training to build their Novae Money business.

Section A: Welcome - Getting Started

A1: Welcome to Novae

From the CEO

A2: 5 Steps to Succeed in Novae

They Key to Your Success

A3: Novae Welcome Letter

Sophia Lightborne

A4: Novae Goal Sheet

Sophia Lightborne

A5: Affiliate Marketing Plan

How to Market Your Affiliate Business

A6: Novae 30 Day Mind Shift Challenge

Refresh and refocus in 30 days

Section B: Member's Lounge Training

B1: Member's Lounge Overview

Brief Description of All Left Tabs & Quadrant Tabs

B2: How to Upgrade to Affiliate Plus or Pro

Upgrade Package Tab

B3: How to Set Up Your Commission Type

Direct Deposit or Paper Check

B4: How to Change Your Payment Information

Update Your Credit Card

B5: How to Track Your Customers/Affiliates

Viewers Tab

B6: How to Contact Novae Support

Novae Support

B7: How to Enroll a Customer at the Promo Price

B8: The Power of Your Novae Personal Account

Section C: Compensation Plan Training

C1: Short KISS Comp Plan Training

C2: Affiliate Enrollment Options

C3: Earning Retail Commissions & Product Volume

C4: (CABs) Customer Acquisition Bonuses

C5: Novae University Event Commissions

C6: Monthly Residual Income

C7: How to Receive Commissions

C8: How to Rank Advance to the Next Level

C9: How to Properly Place Affiliates/Customers

C10: How to Read Your Structure

C11: Enrollment vs Placement

Section D: Product Training

D1: How to Set Up the Credit Portal With Novae Money

D2: An Introduction to Novae Money's Debt Elimination Software

D3: An Introduction to Novae Money's Online Budgeting Tool

D4: Do You Really Know Novae Money?

D5: Novae Credit Monitoring Training

D6: How to Make Novae Money Sales & Onboard Customers

D7: Entrepreneurial Apparel

D8: Marketing Tools Monday

Section E: Offline Marketing

E1: Novae Marketing Stand Up Banners

E2: How to Earn $10,000 per Month using $100 Bill Drop Cards!

E3: How to Use Flyers Effectively to Market Your Business

E4: How to Find Prospective Customers/Affiliates

E5: What to Say to Prospective Customers/Affiliates

E6: How to Setup a Sizzle Call

E7: How to Use 3 Way Calls & Edification

Section F: Online Marketing

F6: How to Use NovaeMoney.com to market Your Business

F1: What is Novae Money's Customer Review Platform?

F2: How to Submit a Novae Money Customer/Affiliate Review

F3: Why You Should have the iSecureTheBag com Marketing System

F4: How to Set Up the iSecuretheBag.com Marketing System

F5: Online Marketing Techniques to Build Your Business

F7: iSecureTheBag System Walkthrough

Section G: Advanced Business Building

G1: Affiliate Marketing Plan Training

G2: How to Properly Introduce the Affiliate Opportunity

Section H: Personal Growth & Self Development

H1: The Vision of Novae

H2: Commitment

H3: Emotional Roller Coaster

H4: 4 Stages of Learning

H5: Entrepreneurship Workshop

H6: Exact Instructions to Change Your Life in 30 Days!

H7: How to Develop a Winning Mindset

Section I: Financial Education

I1: Start Shifting Your Income Right Away with this technique! (How to Adjust Your w4 form)

I2: Budgeting

I3: Debt Elimination

I4: Tax Workshop

I5: Credit Makeover

I6: The Bloody Mess - Credit Cards Are Killing You!

I7: The Bankers Secret - Banks Get Rich Off Of Us!

Section J: Novae University Events

J1: Blueprint for Success Preview

J2: Communication Pro Workshop Preview

J3: Leadership to Legacy Preview

J4: All White Party Preview

J5: What To Do After The Events

J6: The Importance of Being at Each Event