New Member Frames


1: Save your new member’s pic from Facebook or ask them for a professional pic for their welcome frame.
2: Use to remove the background then save the result.
3: Click on the frame you’d like to use from below and click “Use Template” on the next page.
4: On Mobile: Click the plus sign at the bottom left, click “Uploads”, then “Upload Media” to upload your new affiliate’s pic (with bg removed).
    On Desktop: Click “Uploads” from the left-side menu, then “Upload Media” to upload your new affiliate’s pic (with bg removed).
5: Drag the pic to the middle of the “sky layer” to add the new affiliate’s pic to the frame. (Double-click & drag the pic to re-position it.)
6: Click on the text to enter their name (on mobile, click the text layer then click edit at the bottom of the screen).
7: Download the frame by clicking the Share icon at the top right and download as a PNG file for best quality.

New Basic & Plus Frame
New Pro Frame - Purpeal
New Pro Frame - Emerald
New Pro Frame - Earth
New Pro Frame - Blush
New Pro Frame - Black
INC 5000 Frame

Promotion Frames for Rank Advancements

Please verify that your affiliate has rank advanced by viewing their rank at the bottom of their website or by getting email of the advancement.
Note: This may take up to 48 hours to get the official announcement. 

All ranks over Regional Consultant will be announced by Corporate.

Promotion to Senior Affiliate
Promotion to Consultant
Promotion to Senior Consultant
Promotion to Regional Affiliate